About Us

MARANO’s CBD Company was founded in Feb 2020!

When the world was about to get locked down, Johnny Marano had a once in a lifetime opportunity to open his vision so he jumped on it regardless of what was happening.

After what he thought was the end of the CBD retail world, Johnny received a call from an old school friend and a very successful local real estate developer. 

A spot in one of his plazas was open and he asked Johnny to start up again to continue the work to help spread the wellness of hemp.


Located right next door to Florida Healthcare, it was a perfect scenario for the clinical and medicinal space that was needed. 

After much deliberation of what to call this new venture Johnny, decided after spending almost 40 plus years in Ormond to just go with his name. MARANO’s CBD was Launched!

MARANO’s is in the one percent of CBD brick and mortars in the State! Specializing in tinctures, edibles, skin care and K9 products. 

What do we mean by one percent? Out of 40 thousand places in the state that carry CBD, only one percent are CBD only. 

MARANO’s is not a gas station, vape shop or smoke shop that just happens to have CBD!

MARANO’s relies on all its revenue from just CBD which allows us to focus 100 percent on top quality at an affordable price! Having excellent customer service and a knowledgeable staff is a bonus!

This vision was always very important and even though many people who supported us didn’t understand it at first, they can see the blueprint for success.

So welcome...no appointments or obligations, information is free and wellness is priceless !