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D8 Gummies


D8 Gummies

When most people think of Delta 8 products they automatically think about a smoke shop, or alternative business with the younger crowd.

Nothing wrong with that in the least, yet what MARANO’s has been specializing in for years is the 50 to 80 plus year old crowd.

Let me be crystal clear, this age group LOVES D8.

We are talking about people who may have been born in the 1940s who are now in there golden years. They may have experimented a few times with cannabis when they were younger or they never did at all.

Well if any of us are fortunate enough to see our 9th decade, yes being in your 80s is your 9th decade, then common pains, sleep, over all health issues will linger.

D8 is excellent for this. With out the head space it gives the body the relaxation and pain relief and allows sleep to come naturally. Also at only 25 mg a gummy you are at a perfect dose. One at a time with any of the deltas and allow plant based wellness to be your new best friend.

This doesn’t mean that we don’t have the younger clients that also enjoy these gummies, yet sometimes they are using it for different situations .

Johnny personally supplies his 81 year old mother with them regularly and it has helped her with her glaucoma and lack of sleep – not to mention other aches and pains. This is a woman who maybe had 3 glasses of wine her whole life and smoked nothing ever that we call cannabis. Who would have thunk?

MARANO’s believes in its products with such conviction that Johnny’s name and face are the first thing you see.

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D8 Gummies



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We want you to ask questions.

How does Marano CBD Work, what are the benefits of Marano CBD and how should I take Marano CBD? We are more than happy to answer all your questions.

CBD has many health benefits like anti inflammation. To name a few, it’s been used to treat tremor disorders, insomnia, anxiety, and overall wellness.

With oil you can control your dosage up and down to be more specific, there are far less ingredients in the oils and it will hit your system quicker. Gummies have to make a first pass, since it’s digested. They’re easy, fun and taste fantastic.

In short, no! The CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC have zero psychoactive effects. All our oils are a broad spectrum, which mean it contains zero THC.

You should always consult your Doctor or Physician before starting any regiment for wellness. We do not recommend using any products while pregnant.